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Our company was set up for material supply & renovation works for over30 years in Tai Po, New Territories. By using real & fair belief for tradingthrough years . Many customers & qualified workers becomes to be friends.

We sell for more than 3000 kinds of products in order to satisfy quantity of customers.


In this year ,we researched & developed the waterproofing materials.

P-TECT Ⅰ Ⅱ&Ⅲ which are the most convenient & effective materials for the renovation works . The special formula P-TECT can easily combine with cement or cement sand to have different working effects.
It brings us a new concept for foundation waterproofing procedures & the surface decorative works . It can solve many leakage in the foundation  where the cement work or painting works would carry on .
Moreover , a hand-book “  家居維修解碼   “ was published in the2017 .This book is especially showing the working & materials theory.

It tells us the critical points of work . By some case studies , many knowledge are linked back to the theories . This is a practical instruction guide book & is worth us to hold it forever because it’s the only one that contains so much us eful information for our daily life.
The book is very suitable for those are preparing the & those workers for remindings . Also a D.I.Y. Club will be set up for the enquiries .We can know more in there.


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